Mission Statement

Bob Bauer’s Marathon for meals has been a staple in the Detroit metro area to aid and help the citizens that are the most vulnerable to hunger. Bob Bauer has been feeding the homeless and the citizens of metro Detroit for the past 33 years. More then half of his natural life. Unfortunately he past away July 21st of this past year. Now it’s up to Rachel Bauer and I “Justin Bauer” along with a loving team of our fathers colleagues and friends to keep this great humanitarian cause with a bit love and touch that only an RV in a parking lot with an empty semi trailer to fill by the local community coming together can provide.
What Bob Bauer’s Marathon For Meals provides is a consistency in the community starting the day after thanksgiving and lasting a tiring 3 week period. In partnership with Gleaners, Forgotten Harvest, Kroger and various media outlets including many local radio stations, social media and word of mouth. Bob Bauer’s greatest career accomplishment was to continue this great act of giving to the community he loved. He used his day time job through the radio to promote and advertise his charitable event known as Marathon For Meals. Our father made it a point to grow out his grey beard during this time to have an effect like Santa Clause. This is a very clear memory of mine and surly to the thousands of others through the years. I can remember how proud my dad was to fill 3 semi trailers one year. But even one still put a smile on his face. To ask the surrounding community to come together as one to donate for the betterment of the less fortunate citizens of Metro Detroit, “is a beautiful thang man” as my father would put so eloquently.
To the memory of Bob Bauer this food drive will raise as much we can with the help of our surrounding community that has a heart of gold. We don’t get paid for this. Neither did my dad. We do this because we love our community and have a hunger to reach out to the needy. To be a leader and voice for the less fortunate. To inspire others to follow in the tradition of the holiday season. Which is to love one another no matter where you come from or where you stand economically. We are all brothers and sisters as the human race goes. It’s better to give then receive. It’s our gift to have a platform and means to collect non perishable food in the memory of Bob Bauer to this greater Metro Detroit area.