About MFM

Bob Bauer’s Marathon for Meals started as a radio promotion in 1984, but for Bob it became a passion and among all of the years that Bob did the Marathon for Meals food drive, he shared that passion among everybody from his kids to the people who helped organize the food drive to the volunteers who came down to the site to help collect the donations, but mostly to the people of the community who donated food and/or money with all going to the local food banks throughout the metro Detroit area.
In July of 1997, after a tornado went through a section of Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park, Bob Bauer was called upon by the local food banks to put together the Marathon for Meals in August of that year to help out the overabundance of need for the people who were impacted by the devastation of the tornado, only to be back out in an RV looking to collect more nonperishable the day after Thanksgiving. That is the love and compassion that Bob Bauer had for the Marathon for Meals because he knew that fighting hunger in the metro Detroit area is no easy task but it had to get done. Bob had a great love for the people of the city of Detroit and the surrounding metro area as well as the state of Michigan and with that love, it pushed him to do what he could to help fight hunger in these areas.
Our goal for the 33rd annual Bob Bauer’s Marathon for Meals is to carry on his memory and legacy that was this food drive, to help out the people in need for food to survive. I believe that we can fill a semi-trailer full which can hold 30-35 thousand tons or more of food or people can write a check made out to Gleaners which $250 can buy one ton of food. This year’s Marathon for Meals will be different and sad as Bob’s presence will be sorely missed but he will be looking down smiling knowing that the Marathon for Meals will be there helping to fight hunger for the communities that he whole heartedly loved.