The Plankman Show 12-7-17

The Plankman Show 12-7-17

Monday, 11 December 2017
The Plankman Show

I just want to thank everybody again for listening 2 Jeff Dehnke and i on from 8-10 last night. If you missed it go ahead and check out their website and click on our link! I woke up this morning with a completely different perspective on this years food drive and I want everyone to know, although I’m learning, I am completely ready to revamp this thing and truly honor my Dad’s name. What a lot of you may not know is that we are currently also trying to raise money to get my Dad home. Thats just how fresh all of this is. When i met James Plankey Jr. Last night he informed me that him and his father do quite a bit for the veterans and may be able to get me the information i need to get Dad home. I am truly excited to talk to James and make that connection. Now emotional, tired and cold… We couldn’t be happier to be here collecting your donations in honor of this Detroit icon we so often speak of. Good ol Bob Bauer. Hope you’re proud old man. Im taking no shit an getting a lot of names. ? oh…and that saying that you so elegantly placed inside my soul…. ” if they don’t like it…. Fuck em ” I’d like to thank you for building that confidence in me and giving me the strength i need to handle this kind of situation. Until we meet again pop’s. ??

What a AWESOME show last night! Did you miss it? How could you?! We had Ray & Jeff on from The Bob Bauer Memorial food drive which will continue until December 15th so get your ASS out to 13 mile & Gratiot & drop off some food for those less fortunate. Also we had Whats Ted listening to & some cool music from Saints of Sin & a special song to end the night. Anything I left out can be heard by simply clicking play on the player below. Even I know that. Thank you guys for tuning in Sorry Dan Mark we didnt get to your thing tonight but we will I promise. Thanks again to Ray Bauer & Jeff Dehnkefor stopping in.

Catch ya guys next week.