Sunday, 19 November 2017
Marthon for Meals

Marathon for Meals began more than 20 years ago in the parking lot of a Royal Oak Kroger store by local Disc Jockey Bob Bauer during his years at radio station WLLZ. The idea was simple: Park a semi-trailer in a convenient location and ask people to bring food to be used to feed hungry citizens during the holidays in Southeast Michigan. To draw awareness to this food drive, Bob would live in an RV in the same parking lot and stay there for as long as it took to fill the semi-trailer. 35,000 pounds of food was always the goal. Since that time, Bob, a Navy veteran, would carry on this tradition by teaming up with various food banks including Gleaner’s and Forgotten Harvest every holiday season to host this annual fund raiser from the comfort of a cold and lonely recreational vehicle.

Sadly, Bob Bauer passed away earlier this year and his dying wish to his 2 children was that they carry on the Marathon for Meals tradition. To that end, Rachel and Justin Bauer have been working feverishly to make their father proud. They have expanded the scope of beneficiaries to include not only Gleaners and Forgotten Harvest but a host of other local church food pantries, as well.

They have also rallied a gang of supporters to help pull this off including KROGER FOOD STORES – who is allowing this event to take place in the parking lot of their Roseville store on Gratiot and 13 Mile Rd. – and GENERAL RV -who has very generously donated the RV that they will be living in during the 3 or 4-week event. Longtime friends and supporters of Bob Bauer, Jeff Dahnke and Ray Templin, have also helped make this year’s marathon a reality, along with a slew of other Bob Bauer fans.

The new event is being called Bob Bauer’s Memorial Food Drive and it all starts on Black Friday, November 24. Come by early and come by often to bring a bunch of food and meet these 2 great off-springs of a very great man. Detroit Music Station is very proud to be broadcasting much of this event with periodic updates from Justin and Rachel themselves. Several broadcast giants in this town have agreed to participate this year, as well, to help ensure a very success event. We will bring you updates on social media and will announce the types of groceries needed throughout the event as well as how you can donate money to this very worthy cause on line.

In the meantime, enjoy our favorite holiday video – produced and directed by Brian and Mark Pastoria of Harmonie Park Studios a few years back. A who’s who of Detroit music royalty coming together to bring awareness to the area’s hungry and the work of the Capuchin Kitchen. And, of course, Bob Bauer hosts the video. Happy Holidays!


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