How It Actually Works:

How It Actually Works:

Tuesday, 08 November 2016
How It Actually Works

Hey everybody…Uncle Bob here…I think I need to clarify how the Marathon for Meals works…many of you may be new to the party and may not understand just what the deal is…
The drive starts Friday, November 25th and runs through Friday December 9th. During that time I will be sitting at our drive site, 28949 Joy Rd. in Westland which is the parking lot of the legendary Token Lounge. I will be LIVING in that parking lot next to the semi we’re trying to fill for Gleaners Food Bank…the semi, by the way is being provided by our friends from Sweetland Transport Inc.
Again, I will be LIVING next to the semi in an RV the whole time, 15 days…that gives us 15 days to fill a 52ft. semi, with your non-perishable food donations. Friends…a 52ft semi is a lot of space to fill, and will hold close to 30 tons of food!
When the drive is over on Friday, December 9th, our friends at Sweetland Transport will take it down to Gleaners Food Bank in Detroit. Gleaners will inspect it, sort it and pack it into boxes. Gleaners has over 300 member agencies in the Metro Detroit area…emergency food pantries, shelters and soup kitchens, all of which are registered as 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizations with the IRS…everybody involved is legit.
We do NOT accept cash donations…however, you can cut a check to Gleaners Food Bank. Food costs them roughly 12 cents a pound and $250.00 buys an actual ton of food…and it’s a tax write off!
We’ve done this 26 times over the last 30 years. Things have not gotten better…they’ve gotten worse! In the beginning, 46% of the people we served were children…now it’s up to 52% and I don’t see it getting any better any time soon…I guess you could call this an “emergency” food drive. The food will start going out toward the end of December and will be used from January, February and March. The three toughest times of the year. Sometimes people have to decide weather or not to pay their utility bills…or buy food. This will help these families. The Food Banks are somewhat depleted around this time of year…the food from this drive helps with that.
So that’s the basic story…there’s a lot more to tell and I will be telling that story on facebook and on our web page.…/www.facebo…/marathonformeals/….
Please…those of you who haven’t liked our page yet, pleas do so now. When you see a post from us, please share it. We don’t have a lot of time folks, we really need to get the word out there fast…right now. We do this because we care…thank you for your time. ~ Uncle Bob Bauer.


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