Shopping list

Shopping list

Tuesday, 01 November 2016
Shopping list

The other day a friend of mine, knowing this food drive is for non perishable food items, wanted to know if there were any specific food items we were looking for. That’s a great question. Of coarse, the bottom line is…canned goods. Let’s get a little more specific.

Yesterday we told you about what we can’t take…that’s important.
We’ve done this food drive 26 times in the last 32 years. The one thing that has remained a constant is, the majority of the people in need are children. When we started, children made up 46% of the people in need. In the last five years that number has risen to 52/53%. Let’s talk about what we need for kids today.
We need food for children from new born up to teen. Things like:

1.) Formula. We only take POWDERED formula. We don’t take liquid formula because it sits out in the semi, if it get’s really cold, and it will, liquid formula will separate and it can’t be used.
2.) Baby food and cereal ALL kinds.
3.) Powdered milk.
4.) Canned vegetables. Canned vegetables can be taken and mashed and fed to babies who aren’t on whole foods yet.
These are just suggestions meant to give you ideas…those of you who are, or were parents get the picture. You take it from here.
Next…the basics.